~, / and SQL in DVCS

Andrew Pantyukhin


cloud is tough

not a cluster

extremely diverse infrastructure

general purpose

ops have to live on hundreds of machines

(at least until the machines turn sentient)

+ laptops, other projects

can haz one .zshrc everywhere?


ShowUntrackedFiles = False

tmux || screen || zsh || bash || tcsh || sh

no ultra-symlinker?

no inotify auto-commit magic?


1 branch

1 repo

happy CLI life in BSD, OSX, Linux

wait, but I'm root




can haz rc.conf, passwd everywhere?


1 branch

1 repo

registry => file system

DVCS the best master-master

(until you try to automate)

but... roles?


hosts in passwd(5)

roles in group(5)

aware.map — who in the world am I?


role.www() { nginx_enable="YES" }

role.host7() { hack_enable="YES" }

role-aware configs FTW

sudo, nginx, sh(1) sourced

painful workarounds for other

crazy. can haz also SQL?

functions and views idempotent

dumped to separate files, versioned

edit in FS or DB

just views and funcs?!

enjoy your pyrseas

or wait for *SQL to get out of 70s


(what could possibly go wrong?)

git is beautiful

until you marry it

needs to be reinvented - soon

post-checkout chown && chmod

push for role-aware cloud-ready config formats